Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Play Offs

Well the dream is over and we will not have a chance to represent DCB at the National Tournament in New York. We lost 2-0 to WSC in a best of three series. Sunday night was tough as two minutes in we were down 2-0 on two bad bounces in consecutive shifts. We made it 3-1 after one but then we just could not get any offence produced. I am happy that we left it all on the ice and worked hard. This team deserved better but in the end what hurt us all year was lack of offense and we just needed more goals. I am proud of this team and proud of the effort. We have one game left at Minot State on Friday. LONG LIVE THOSE LUMBERJACKS!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Feb 2 - Groundhog Day

Well the weekend did not go good for the hockey Jacks. We lost 3-2 and 4-1 to a very good Finlandia JV team. We put up over 45 shots each day but could not beat there goalies. We played hard but need to pick it up a level. I also thought we had many players who could have played better and more consistent all weekend but that is what you are going to get from kids at this age. We are going to get the work boots on this week and get ready for the biggest games of the year.

We have Williston State coming up for our playoffs. Should be fun. We are going to work hard and give it all we have and see where it takes us. Come out to the Lumberdome next Sunday night.

Long Live Those Lumberjacks!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

January 26 - Happy Birthday Wayne Gretzky

Weekend Update:
The Jacks lost a pair to the St. Johns JV on the weekend. Friday night we started well and had a 2-1 lead. Unfortunately we gave up 3 goals in the last 10 mins of the game including 2 breakaways and lost 6-2. On Saturday we lost 5-2 but our downfall was we gave up a goal in the 1st minute of the 2nd and 3rd periods and an early one in the first. We played hard all weekend and the fact that more than 6 varsity guys played in each game we did ok. The Johnnies were a fast team and really buried there chances. Ryan Miner had a good weekend for us in the nets.

We were fortunate enough to have former NHL and Team Canada coach Andy Murray of the Western Michigan Broncos talk to the boys this weekend. He had a great message and Thank You Coach Murray  for all you do for the game of hockey and for being a good friend to Lumberjack Hockey.

Long Live Those Lumberjacks!!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Monday January 19

Greetings. We are coming off a busy week where we lost a pair of games to WSC 6-1 and we defeated NDSU twice to go 2-2 on the week.

WSC Games > Well we started off well playing against the Tetons and then we stopped moving our feet and they capitalized on some of our mistakes. We did not make that big play or get that big save when we needed it and then we lost some momentum when we took a few too many penalties. In Williston it was the same as the night before. We did get into a good groove in the second period and then gave up a back breaker goal with 10 seconds left in the period. We also need to do better on our PP and work harder.

NDSU Games> The guys played really well all weekend and I feel they are sick and tired of losing and they now are buying into what the coaches are trying to teach them. Everyone contributed in the wins and i am hoping this can continue into next weekend as we head to St. Johns (MN).

It was good to see some ex Lumberjacks at the games.

Long Live Those Lumberjacks!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

First Semester

Hello Jacks Fans. I hope you have been following the Jacks Hockey Facebook page for updates from the first semester. We are getting ready for the second semester with a good feeling heading into the new year. We finished well in the classroom as 15 players made the honor roll. We will start back with our first game on January 13 against Williston State at the Lumberdome. See you there.


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Lumberjacks Season Ends and Thank You's

Well we put up a battle and we were not able to get it done.  WSC scored 4 goals in the first period and it ended up 6-1. I thought we battled hard and tried to the end but we lost to a better team.  I was disappointed in our discipline and the way some players left the ice after getting misconducts. We need to remember that their our kids watching who look up to the Jacks watching all the time.  We took too many penalties and that hurt us all year.  We have made many inroads this year to get back where we need to be but the bottom line is we need to get some difference makers in here. Overall I think this team underachieved on the ice. We had the talent to have at least double our win total but we seemed to never get it together for 60 minutes. It was frustrating as coaches.  "What could have we done different?  What combinations can work? How can we get them to buy in to what we are doing?" We asked ourselves these questions too much.  Of coarse we would have changed some different things this year but we have learned from our mistakes. We have changed a lot for the better but we still have a ways to go. A couple of things I am proud of this year was all our work with the youth hockey players. It was fun working with the Blueline and I hope our players got more out of it than the little guys. We also have supported or volunteered for more than 30 groups and organizations. It was good to give back.
Thank you to the following for all they do for Lumberjack Hockey:
- The Players for all their work.
- All those who contributed money to Lumberjack Hockey and the Program Sponsors.
- Students who came to the games. Especially the Softball and Volleyball Girls.
- Staff and Faculty at DCB for all they do.
- Clint for the awesome pictures as well as being an inspiration. 
- My fellow coaches here as I apologize for not keeping up with  the wins you guys are getting. I appreciate all the talks and wisdom that you guys provide.
- All the volunteers who help out at games.
- Gabe S. for driving us to all our road games. Also Jimmy K.
- Zelda, Penny and Sodexho Staff for taking care of us.
- Donovan Bertsch  at Theels for the Hockey Leadership Scholarship.
- Terry Charnholm for all the work he does and the Charnholm Family for their Scholarship.
- Dustin Penner for being an inspiration for all of us as well as your support. 
- Rachel Patterson for her getting the adapt a Jack program off the ground and being a good success.
- Boomer Patterson for starting the Hockey Ministries program that had a good start along with Pastor Rob.
- Brian, Chris and Rob down at the Arena for all they do.
- The Alumni who give words of support and hanging in there during some rough years. Everyone who has played or coached the Green and White of the Lumberjacks is very important in our past and the future.  We need to reconnect and things are happening behind the scenes. (Summer 2015)
- My family for the sacrifices that are made during recruiting and hockey season. I love you guys!!
- Coach Gorder and his presence in Lumberjack Hockey. You will never know how important you have been and will be in our rebuild here.
- All the fans who came to the games. Next year lets bring a friend and get the Lumberdome rocking once again.
> Thank you to anyone I have forgotten as I know I am forgetting a few people.
- Please do not give up on us as we will get back to the top and we are working hard in achieving that goal.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Well we are down 1-0 in the best of three series. Williston played really well in Game 1 and dominated us on the big ice over West. Tonight is the second game and if we cannot win it will be the last game of our season. I hope we come ready to play and are mentally in the game. I thought we were ready last time but I think we gave our players too much prep and it was overload and we need to go back and play a simple game. We need to play hard and get pucks to the net. Another key will be to stay out of the penalty box.  We gave up 5 PP goals and 2 shorthanded goals. Not very good special teams. Lets keep this going and all it will take is one win and then you never know what can happen.

Long Live Those Lumberjacks!