Monday, November 28, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

Well the first quarter of the season as gone well for us thus far. We have had a good start and our record sits at 7-1-1.  We will have one more game before the end of the semester as we travel to Williston to face the Tetons.  They are currently ranked #1 in the West of the ACHA so it will be a good test for the Jacks.

23Nial MillsSoF9910198+21200010
21Zach GarrettFrF957128+21000000
8Reed LinkFrD966128+02000010
15Matt MiniaciSoF757122-10000010
10Andrew CarriereFrF956116+22000000
94Charles JolySoF91786-10000000
7Wesley CallensSoD92460+10000000
44Tyler LarsonFrD93254+00000000
89Cody LongieSoD90558+10000000
77Austyn LorenzFrF62352+10000000
14Adrian MaassFrD81458+10000000
16Austin BissonnetteSoF931410+00000000
74David BuresSoD91344+10000000
91Noah GrantSoF94044+03000000
55Kyler MooreFrF62134-10000000
20Jonathan SundellFrD80330+10000000
33Garrett RasmussonSoD90226+00000000
2Jimmy AndersonSoD40110+00000000
6Jesse MendelSoD90118+00000000
17Parker SharpFrF11010+00000000
9Harrison AideFrF---0---------
29Dillon BeaudoinFrG10000+00000000
11Josh ColleauxFrF---0---------
35Kenny FitzgeraldSoG70000+00000000
5Braden PeweFrD50002+00000000
31Jay PringleFrG20000+00000000
42Alex StrehleFrF---0---------