Monday, December 12, 2016

End of First Semester

Well we did not finish on how we wanted too last Thursday. We the loss against WSC we finished with a record of 7-2-1. We had a lot of positives the first semester now we have to finish hard in the classroom. We will take this break to recharge the batteries and make sure we are ready for a  very difficult second semester. We have been lead thus far by our two main leaders are Captain Nial Mills and Assistant Captain Goaltender Kenny Fitzgerald. We now have to pick it up a notch and accept roles. 2017 will be a good year for the Lumberjacks.

Long Live Those Lumberjacks!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

Well the first quarter of the season as gone well for us thus far. We have had a good start and our record sits at 7-1-1.  We will have one more game before the end of the semester as we travel to Williston to face the Tetons.  They are currently ranked #1 in the West of the ACHA so it will be a good test for the Jacks.

23Nial MillsSoF9910198+21200010
21Zach GarrettFrF957128+21000000
8Reed LinkFrD966128+02000010
15Matt MiniaciSoF757122-10000010
10Andrew CarriereFrF956116+22000000
94Charles JolySoF91786-10000000
7Wesley CallensSoD92460+10000000
44Tyler LarsonFrD93254+00000000
89Cody LongieSoD90558+10000000
77Austyn LorenzFrF62352+10000000
14Adrian MaassFrD81458+10000000
16Austin BissonnetteSoF931410+00000000
74David BuresSoD91344+10000000
91Noah GrantSoF94044+03000000
55Kyler MooreFrF62134-10000000
20Jonathan SundellFrD80330+10000000
33Garrett RasmussonSoD90226+00000000
2Jimmy AndersonSoD40110+00000000
6Jesse MendelSoD90118+00000000
17Parker SharpFrF11010+00000000
9Harrison AideFrF---0---------
29Dillon BeaudoinFrG10000+00000000
11Josh ColleauxFrF---0---------
35Kenny FitzgeraldSoG70000+00000000
5Braden PeweFrD50002+00000000
31Jay PringleFrG20000+00000000
42Alex StrehleFrF---0---------